What Is the Secret to Transforming Your Body?

Enjoy this article I wrote for LoveToKnow.com – published on November 5, 2015:

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and Persistence conquer all things.”  Was it his mental attitude that motivated him to make a difference for America over two hundred years ago? Quite frankly, I think Mr. Franklin was on to something.

Let’s take his approach and apply it to fitness and health. As I enter my seventh year as a certified personal trainer, the one question I get asked most frequently is “What is the secret to transforming your body?” Answer…Energy and Persistence. Once you have identified your reasons for making the decision to change physically and mentally, there are only two things standing in your way; the energy to do it and the will power to persist.

Once you commit (and here is your secret) the sky is the limit. Over the years, working with individuals ready to embrace the challenge, continues to inspire me. In fact, it motivates me to reach out to more people so that I can assist them in achieving their personal goals.

Here are a few tips on how to gain the energy to get in shape:

  1. Sleep more.

Over the years, researchers have consistently proven that a lack of sleep can be detrimental to our health. People who average 4 or less hours of sleep are more prone to injuries, lack focus and are more codependent on drugs. On the other hand, individuals who average 7 to 8 hours of sleep are more energetic, productive and fight off disease better.

  1. Drink more water.

Our bodies are composed of 65% water. We need to consume a minimum of 8 -10 cups per day to keep all of our internal organs working properly and to give us the energy we need to be productive.

  1. Lose Weight.

It comes as no surprise that losing weight will significantly increase your energy levels. Our bodies were created to maintain a certain weight to provide us with optimum physical health. Any additional stresses on our bodies cause internal and external changes to our overall wellbeing.

I hope that some day we can all enjoy the tremendous benefits of living a healthier and more productive lifestyle. And, by the way, Mr. Franklin lived until he was 84 years old; that’s pretty amazing for someone who lived in the eighteenth century.

May you continue on your journey to health and prosperity!