Upcoming Show: Co-Host Kathy Wakile

Hey everyone! On our upcoming show we will be featuring my favorite co-host Kathy Wakile. Kathy is a talented woman who has transformed her hobbies into a very successful career. From her best-selling dessert cook book, to her dessert line, to now opening up a restaurant called Pizza Love, in Wyckoff. She also is a huge advocate forĀ  a non-profit that hits close to home, The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, which helps raise awareness of brain tumors.

Kathy and I will sit down with a special guest, Cale Anjoorian. Cale is the CEO and founder of Lifebred which is a healthy and very delicious bread! In the show you will learn more about what exactly Lifebred is, where you can buy this bread, and many more interesting topics!

Stay tuned on my social to find out when this will be airing!