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We believe that health is the greatest wealth a person can ever have. Staying healthy therefore must be a priority for each and everyone. We created this website in order to inspire a healthy lifestyle to our readers.

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Valerie's passion is running and she will never let an opportunity of a free time to pass withoutgoing out and indulging in what she loves.

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Valerie Maillet

Why And How To Take Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are considered food. These are concentrates of nutrients: vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements or any other substance such as plants or plant preparations

Lorraine Wagner

Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Towards More Responsible Consumption By the way, do you know about this? Is recycling day up to you? Well, she’s probably been out of the


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9 Tips To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Fitness Goals

Motivation is the most important thing to succeed! You can have all the nutrition knowledge, all the training knowledge, all the equipment and money you need, but if you don’t stay motivated, you will never reach your fitness goals.

I see tons of people signing up at fitness centers to lose weight and have a firm body. Then, just 30 days later, more than half of them have already given up. 

Is that your case?

If you’re still there and you persevere to succeed, here are 9 tips that will definitely help you stay the course and keep training at the heart of your life!

Here Are My 9 Tips

Tip #1

Find an old photo of you that matches your ideal. Or, in a magazine, cut out a picture of a person who represents your ideal and then paste the picture of your face over it. Put this picture on your fridge or bathroom mirror so you can see it every day.

Tip #2

Inform everyone around you of your goal. These people will then be able to motivate you and give you advice during your process. By telling everyone your goal, your subconscious mind will feel compelled to reach your goal in order not to lose face.

Tip #3

Set yourself one change at a time. Getting back into shape is already a big challenge, so it’s important not to add the weight of other important goals at the same time. For example, if you start a business and join a gym at the same time, your chances of success are greatly reduced.

Tip #4

Plan for interruptions in your life. Do you need to go on a trip in the next few weeks? Do you have a personal or work event that could prevent you from training? If so, rationalize these events by setting a small goal for them. For example, maintain your weight or run a 10-minute run once a week. 

Many people leave training after taking a vacation simply because they feel guilty and feel that all their progress has been wasted.

Tip #5

Don’t stay alone! Motivation is much easier when there are several people involved. 

Ideally take a personal trainer and if you are living in the Cincinnati area, there are a lot of gyms that you can find that offer personal training Cincinnati. Your attendance and motivation will be guaranteed. If not, do this with a motivated friend or join a club or group class.

Tip #6

Give yourself positive reinforcement. For example, for every 3 pounds you lose on the scale, buy yourself a new piece of clothing. You can even stick a weight-loss scale on your fridge with a pencil to colour in each pound you lose and write your rewards on it.

Tip #7

Make sure your workout location is as close as possible to your home or work. Always leave workout clothes in the car or bring some to work so you don’t have to go home.

Tip #8

The activity you choose must be “fun” or it won’t last long. You know the saying: hunt the natural and he will come back at a gallop. If your activity is a chore, you won’t do it for long. If it’s a pleasure, it will last.

Tip #9

Record your training periods in your calendar and do not move them under any circumstances. Nothing is more important than your health and physical well-being so make it a priority in your schedule.

Why And How To Take Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are considered food. These are concentrates of nutrients: vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements or any other substance such as plants or plant preparations having a nutritional or physiological effect. Alone or combined, dietary supplements are in the form of doses, the presentation of which varies: capsule, lozenge, tablet, powder bag, liquid bulb, bottle with a dropper or chewing gum. If they contribute to the proper functioning of the body, by making up for deficiencies, they cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.

Reasons To Consume Dietary Supplements

Over the past few decades, our consumption patterns have changed. Even though we are making efforts to consume products from reasoned agriculture and putting our cook’s hat to cook “home-made” dishes, the fact remains that the consumption of unprocessed products is diminishing and the nutritional qualities of these are depleting in the race to produce beautiful and resistant foods. For example, an apple now contains 100 times less vitamins C than in the 1950s! At the same time, we are also becoming more sedentary and sleeping less and less. In short, changes in our lifestyles that cause deficiencies, deficiencies that then disrupt the proper functioning of our body. We then have to make up for these shortcomings on an ad hoc basis. In this way, concentrated dietary supplements contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

Concentrated sources of one or more nutrients, dietary supplements are also allies to overcome certain pathologies or discomforts of life. This is why the wide range of dietary supplements that are specially developed to minimize hair loss, more easily eliminate toxins from the body, stimulate immune defenses, refuel iron, stimulate the brain in the preparatory period of an examination or to promote sports recovery after intense effort such as a marathon. And for good reason, the range of dietary supplements is wide in order to give a boost to correct a point nutritional deficiency, to maintain an appropriate intake of certain nutrients at a given time.

Tips To Take Full Advantage Of The Benefits Of Dietary Supplements

The first and not the least is to follow the recommendations of the National Nutrition Health Programme (PNNS), which consists in the broad outlines of favouring healthy foods, having a balanced and varied diet and, above all, a healthy lifestyle (i.e., doing a regular sport practice and adopting rituals to sleep well on a daily basis). These nutritional recommendations allow you to know the amounts of nutrients needed to maintain good health, depending on age and gender. Then, before choosing a particular dietary supplement, it is best to check with the treating physician, the professional to make sure that the intake is not contraindicated or that its consumption is wise. Indeed, you don’t need to take dietary supplements for osteoarthritis if you don’t have it, even as a preventive measure! 

To take full advantage of the effectiveness of dietary supplements, you must then read the labels, follow the daily consumption recommendations indicated: daily quantity, duration of use and mode of administration. Be aware that dietary supplements have a regulatory framework that guarantees consumer protection; The DGCCRF carries out checks before and after the introduction of food supplements at the place of manufacture, at the storage sites or even in the sales areas. To choose them well, decrypt the packaging, ask the opinion of professionals if you have medical treatment, do not combine several supplements unless advised by professionals, favour natural extracts and labels (Ecocert, AB, European organic label, fair trade bio) in particular.

Caloric Balance: The Real Challenge Of Weight Loss

In a perfect world, our diet would provide exactly what we need, calories! If this were possible, overweight would not exist.

Unfortunately, this is impossible today and it will probably never be the case… for a very simple reason: energy needs to vary.

Energy expenditure is not fixed. It varies according to your metabolism as well as your physical activity but also external temperatures. For example, when it’s cold, maintaining body heat “forces” the body to expend more energy.

For the record, adventurers who set out to explore Antarctica must ingest several thousand calories a day just to maintain their weight due to extreme temperatures. Athletes for example must also consume a certain amount of calories to sustain daily training and activities.

The Caloric Balance Or The Issue Of Weight Loss

Too often, the media perceive weight loss as a basic system where you should “eat light,” “exercise,” “avoid sugar” and other cliques. If there is a background of truths in these tips, they only touch the bottom of the problem: the caloric/energy balance.

To slim down, you must not eat foods that are low in fat or low in sugar, but must establish a caloric deficit. In other words, you have to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. By managing to set up a calorie deficit, we are able to draw on our fat reserves.

Increasing energy expenditure requires a reduction in calories through food and an increase in spending through food.

If you would like more information on this process, the internet has a lot of full guide on the subject. We will also be discussing this topic on our other articles.

What Physical Activities Should Be Put In Place?

Keep in mind that most of the calorie deficit is reduced calories. Yes, playing sports can help you lose weight, but sport needs to be seen as a complementary aid. It’s much easier to take 300 calories out of your diet than to burn 300 calories while exercising (about 30 minutes of running).

Nevertheless, we must not ignore sports activity. Not only does it help to lose weight, but on top of that, it also offers many cardiovascular health benefits. Sports also enhances your mental as well as emotional fitness.

Our favourite activities are definitely skipping rope and swimming. The skipping rope can be easily practiced at home using a skipping rope. If you have the opportunity to buy one, we recommend the CrossFit models available here.

For swimming, it’s a little more complicated unless you have a pool or you are living near the beach, but it’s still an extremely complete and above all devilishly efficient activity for burning energy.

Swimming is an activity that involves many parts of the body at the same time, so it’s quite energy-intensive. In addition, strength training helps stimulate different muscle groups, so it’s even better if you aim to gain a little mass.

Whatever your favourite physical activities or sports are, remember that you should always balance physical exertion with proper diet and calorie intake.

Losing Weight: The Mistakes You’re Probably Making

In this article, we’ll discuss with you the mistakes that can hold you back in your weight loss. If you’re having trouble losing pounds, you should look into it by reading our article.

You’re Under-feeding

If you start your weight loss journey by making food an enemy, you won’t get very far. The food is good for us! It’s the fuel we need to produce energy and it’s the food that helps our body function to the best of its ability. If you actually deprive yourself to lose weight, you are much more likely to fall into a yo-yo effect cycle. Research shows that people who follow a yo-yo diet end up gaining more weight every time they drop out. Prefer to follow a sustainable and balanced food rebalancing that is nutritionally dense and gives you a long-term sense of satisfaction.

You’re Not Making The Right Choices

While we are all aware of the value of vegetables in our diet, eating salads every day is not a solution. If you choose to eat a salad, make sure you think carefully about what’s in it. To make a salad more than just a side dish, add a serving of protein and some healthy fats (such as nuts or avocados). Not only is it a complete meal nutritionally, but it will also make you feel fuller for longer. Be careful when adding condiments to your salad, such as dressing or mayonnaise, as store-bought options are usually very caloric, with artificial flavours and nutritionally unassolic interesting ingredients.

You Don’t Control Your Portions

Feel like you’re eating healthy but you’re not losing weight? You had heard good smoothies, salad, oilseed purees… In fact, it is very common for people to eat healthy foods without seeing the scale figure change, and it is often because they simply eat too many good things! To lose weight, you need to have a good ratio between calories consumed and calories expended. Large portions of good food can lower this ratio and eela means you will keep your current weight. To avoid this, pay attention to the size of your portions. A simple trick is to eat on a smaller plate or bowl to have the feeling of eating more.

You Don’t Follow A Food Program And Don’t Have Follow-up

It is not always about losing weight alone, especially when eating determination, encouragement and time. It is certainly best to call on nutrition professionals to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. After some research on the Internet, we discovered some effective slimming program.

You can try a home diet meal delivery service. From an online slimming check-up, you can order your slimming meals. Then you just have to warm them up. Some program also takes snacks into account and give you one day of freedom a week so you can also enjoy home-cooked meals.

Do not be seduced like a large number of people looking for an easy quick way to weight loss. Be sure to check every detail before embarking on a slimming or diet program to make sure it will not harm your health.

Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Towards More Responsible Consumption

By the way, do you know about this? Is recycling day up to you? Well, she’s probably been out of the way for a lot of us. Wednesday, March 18th was World Recycling Day. Created in 2018, it is a day where we come together, to put the planet in the foreground together. We all know that climate change, global warming or resource depletion are real and that their impact on human and animal life can be devastating. This is the right opportunity to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, by modifying or adjusting some of our behaviours.

But In Practical Terms, How Do We Do It?

Choosing a more sustainable lifestyle means reducing our demand for natural resources by ensuring that we replace what we use to the best of our ability. The three “R’s,” which include reduction, reuse and recycling, are essential to the process. We often have the idea in mind that zero waste is binding or difficult to set up… In reality, these are mostly new habits to take and everyone can start with small actions.

Simple measures such as using public transport more often or reducing energy consumption can go a long way to reducing our impact on the environment. 

Here is a proposal for some quick solutions to put in place, with a real impact on a large scale.

Some ideas: 

  • Avoid the use of disposable items, such as paper cups or plastic bottles (which don’t go away!)

The best alternative to start, perhaps the purchase of a reusable stainless steel bottle that will follow you everywhere. At home, replace your bottles with glass bottles that have already been served (fruit juice, etc.), and fill in the tap.

You can also use reusable bags when shopping and avoid products made or packaged in plastic as much as possible (for example, choose unpackaged products at the local grocery store (to help them right now) or reduce online shopping (the opportunity not to spend too much money and keep our reserves in our bank account until the shops reopen after this corona virus to help merchants).

A good way to live in a more sustainable way: by eating locally. To reduce the carbon footprint caused by transporting food over long distances. It is also a great way to stimulate the local economy. 

Study the possibilities of public transport in your city: buses, carpooling, etc. When travelling near you, try as much as possible to walk or ride the bike (and it’s good for cardio). Think of this solution for “after coronavirus.” Let’s continue to protect our planet, which has been reliving itself right now since humans were confined to their homes. 

Why not start making natural products, 100% homemade? Recipes abound to get started: shampoo, homemade deodorant or even… Toothpaste. By creating your own product, you can eliminate harmful ingredients and even save money.

Got any ideas on how we can have a sustainable and healthy way of life? Leave us a comment.

The Healthy, A Way Of Life And A State Of Mind

The Healthy, A Way Of Life And A State Of Mind

You meet him on every street corner, it is present almost in all women’s magazines, on many blogs (including this). The term “Healthy” is popular right now and is clearly fashionable. And I think it’s pretty cool, personally.

However, I find that we sometimes forget what “Healthy” really is. To say that it is only a fashion is far too reductive. Even if we discover it thanks to the craze it arouses at the moment, it is nevertheless a real way of life that cares above all about the general well-being. And it’s important, well-being.

The Healthy, A Way Of Life

“Healthy” is, in my opinion, a way of life and a state of mind. You can’t just “follow a fad”. In which case, it will last only a while and we will quickly make it fall back into the meanderings of industrial junk food. Having a healthy lifestyle encompasses so many things and certainly not just food. Indeed, once we start to pay attention to what we eat, we quickly realize that everything around us could be healthier: cosmetics, clothes, maintenance but also our physical condition. And we often want to change everything! Organic products gradually invest in our closets and our bathroom. We take time to play sports. Very often, we question the origin of the clothes we wear and it causes us little worries with our conscience: about the conditions of “manufacturing” of everything that can be industrial, how animals are treated in farms. In short, in most cases, healthy rhymes with ethics and well-being. That’s why, in the end, we can’t say that healthy is a fashion, it’s very reductive. If we are only trying to follow fashion, then it has nothing to do with any healthy lifestyle and that famous state of mind that motivates us every day to try to do more, to do better, to reduce the negative impact that we can have on the environment, on animals. And about ourselves.

So no, the “healthy” is not a fashion, but a lifestyle that revolves around a certain state of mind.

Cultivating “His/Her Own Healthy”

As I said earlier, having a healthy lifestyle touches just about every facet of our daily lives. And everyone sees things their own way. Indeed, what is healthy for me, will not necessarily be for you. Let’s take a simple example: organic. Some of you will find it important to eat fresh and especially local, but not especially organic. For me, foods that are not organic are not healthy because they are packed with pesticides. So I prefer foods that don’t come from my area but are organic. For others, eating little meat but good quality is quite healthy. I do not because I think we shouldn’t eat it at all and it doesn’t fit my mind about ethics. There are some for whom going 2 hours 5 times a week to the gym is necessary. Personally, I think it’s way too much for my body and he won’t be able to handle it. I’m not saying this to make a judgment about people who eat not organic meat and who eat sports, but simply to show you that everyone has their own idea of what can be healthy or not. So certainly, going to the MacDonald’s 3 times a week can never be described as healthy, but the term healthy is still quite “vague” in the end.

It is up to everyone to cultivate “his/her healthy”, to define what is healthy or not for him and his loved ones.

Eating healthily, what is it?

Even if, as I said above, eating healthily is not the only characteristic of a healthy lifestyle in my opinion and in addition everyone cultivates his own “healthy”, I would like to dwell on the food side. Eating healthily is quite simple for me: no animal products (dairy, eggs, etc), industrial, and gluten. Eating healthily, however, cannot be reduced to removing these foods. Indeed, we will not only replace them, but also add others and with new features. My diet gives pride of place to vegetables, oilseeds, legumes, I pass and the best. I also eat in season, organic and my fruits and vegetables often come from France.

It is also important, if not necessary, to know how to make deviations. Do you know the “cheat meals”? These are meals where you can afford everything and anything. Usually, we do one a week (but everyone does what he wants), and it often translates into a small switch to fast food. I say yes to the cheat meal! Just yesterday, I ate a good big tray of fries with my friends and even that I drank beer and wine not organic. I was hungry, thirsty, I wanted to and I don’t feel guilty. Of course, I would have preferred to eat my fries without oil, drink a good gluten-free beer and organic wine… But it wasn’t possible where I was, and I didn’t keep myself private because “ohlala is really not healthy”.

What is not healthy in the end is to deprive oneself.

If you live like a deprivation, it won’t work. However, perhaps the first 3 weeks will be complicated, you will always want industrial food and you will feel this feeling of deprivation (especially because of sugar weaning). But I can assure you that Kellogg’s cereals no longer make me want, I prefer my homemade granola ultra gourmet. I enjoy raw bars, neither snickers, and I don’t miss them. The frozen vegetable patties that I loved 2 years ago, my palate just finds them filthy today. Eating healthily is not a deprivation, but a real pleasure.

As we eat healthily, our tastes and our gluttony simply evolve.

Health and Weight Loss

Sometimes you want to adopt a healthy diet to lose weight. First of all, I insist that eating healthily has nothing to do with reducing the amount of food on your plate… We eat better, so we can eat more (without eating either) without necessarily having a negative effect on our weight. Personally, I have doubled my amounts of food since I eat healthily and I have not gained 1 kg.

It’s to your credit to opt for a healthy diet. In my opinion, this is the most suitable for effective and stable weight loss over time. You won’t lose 10 kg in a week as some diets make you look forward to. No, those pounds, you may lose them more slowly but surely. And you will avoid yoyo at the same time. Having a healthy diet gives you some stability.