9 Tips To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Fitness Goals

Motivation is the most important thing to succeed! You can have all the nutrition knowledge, all the training knowledge, all the equipment and money you need, but if you don’t stay motivated, you will never reach your fitness goals.

I see tons of people signing up at fitness centers to lose weight and have a firm body. Then, just 30 days later, more than half of them have already given up. 

Is that your case?

If you’re still there and you persevere to succeed, here are 9 tips that will definitely help you stay the course and keep training at the heart of your life!

Here Are My 9 Tips

Tip #1

Find an old photo of you that matches your ideal. Or, in a magazine, cut out a picture of a person who represents your ideal and then paste the picture of your face over it. Put this picture on your fridge or bathroom mirror so you can see it every day.

Tip #2

Inform everyone around you of your goal. These people will then be able to motivate you and give you advice during your process. By telling everyone your goal, your subconscious mind will feel compelled to reach your goal in order not to lose face.

Tip #3

Set yourself one change at a time. Getting back into shape is already a big challenge, so it’s important not to add the weight of other important goals at the same time. For example, if you start a business and join a gym at the same time, your chances of success are greatly reduced.

Tip #4

Plan for interruptions in your life. Do you need to go on a trip in the next few weeks? Do you have a personal or work event that could prevent you from training? If so, rationalize these events by setting a small goal for them. For example, maintain your weight or run a 10-minute run once a week. 

Many people leave training after taking a vacation simply because they feel guilty and feel that all their progress has been wasted.

Tip #5

Don’t stay alone! Motivation is much easier when there are several people involved. 

Ideally take a personal trainer and if you are living in the Cincinnati area, there are a lot of gyms that you can find that offer personal training Cincinnati. Your attendance and motivation will be guaranteed. If not, do this with a motivated friend or join a club or group class.

Tip #6

Give yourself positive reinforcement. For example, for every 3 pounds you lose on the scale, buy yourself a new piece of clothing. You can even stick a weight-loss scale on your fridge with a pencil to colour in each pound you lose and write your rewards on it.

Tip #7

Make sure your workout location is as close as possible to your home or work. Always leave workout clothes in the car or bring some to work so you don’t have to go home.

Tip #8

The activity you choose must be “fun” or it won’t last long. You know the saying: hunt the natural and he will come back at a gallop. If your activity is a chore, you won’t do it for long. If it’s a pleasure, it will last.

Tip #9

Record your training periods in your calendar and do not move them under any circumstances. Nothing is more important than your health and physical well-being so make it a priority in your schedule.

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