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5 Exercises To Help Lockdown Lethargy

There are two ways this Stay Home, Stay Safe thing can go. I can go along with all the stress eating and baking that I’ve been doing, and end up feeling like a mess, or I can take advantage of being home and having time to dedicate to me! I know that I’m not going to be giving up the baking- it’s instilled in me, but I also know that I can eat a small portion of whatever I’m making, and more importantly, get my body moving. But what shall I do, especially since I’m at home with no equipment? I asked Eraldo Maglara, a Certified Personal Trainer for help with some easy exercises to do at home. He shared 5 Exercises I can do at home to help beat the Lockdown Lethargy and (hopefully) help keep in shape. Here’s what he recommended:

1.ANGLED PUSH-UPS (bench or desk) We are all familiar with the standard push up. Great exercise. However, anytime we change an angle or modify a standard exercise we are challenging our body beyond its normal capability. This exercise will target your chest, triceps and bicep muscles.

How to perform: Place a bench (or use a desk) in the middle of a room. Keep your hands flat (shoulder-width apart) on the bench while keeping your arms and body straight on an angle. Slowly lower your body until you touch the bench and then bring your body to the starting position.

2. SQUATS W/ OVERHEAD COFEE CANS The truth is you either love to squat or you don’t. Either way, this exercise is a must to build a strong and toned lower body. Adding a coffee can overhead will challenge your core as well. Muscles targeted are Gluteus, Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves.

How to perform: Start by placing your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Hold a coffee can straight up above your head. Slowly lower your body (keeping your torso straight) until your gluteus almost touch the floor. Hold for a second then push your body up to the original position.

3. STANDING MILITARY PRESSES W/ WATER JUGS Many people believe that this exercise strictly targets the shoulder area only. Not true. In order to properly execute this movement, you need a strong core as well. The abs become your link between your shoulders and your hips. Muscles targeted are shoulder, traps and triceps.

How to perform: Stand straight up, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a jug in each hand (slightly below ear level) palms facing forward. As you push upward, contract your abs and maintain balance until your arms are fully stretched. Hold for a second and repeat.

4. BENT OVER ROW W/ DUMBBELL (water jugs) -As humans, we have the ability to bend our bodies in most directions. Whether we are carrying, picking or pushing something forward we engage our back muscles all of the time. That is why so many of us experience back problems from early adulthood. Muscles targeted are Latissimus Dorsi, Posterior Part of Deltoid and Upper Back.

How to perform: Stand straight up with feet shoulder-width apart holding a dumbbell in each hand. Slowly lean forward (keeping your back straight). Lift the dumbbells in a rowing motion until they almost touch your abs Repeat.

5. PLANKS- According to many fitness enthusiasts, the plank is by far one the best exercises you can do to build a strong core. Aside from helping your core, it trains other parts of your body that contribute to stability and mobility like your hips and upper back muscles.

How to perform: Lay down on the floor by keeping your forearms flat on the ground, head straight and legs stretched and feet on your toes. Maintain the position for 1 minute (or longer) depending on your training level. Repeat as described above.