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Towards More Responsible Consumption

By the way, do you know about this? Is recycling day up to you? Well, she’s probably been out of the way for a lot of us. Wednesday, March 18th was World Recycling Day. Created in 2018, it is a day where we come together, to put the planet in the foreground together. We all know that climate change, global warming or resource depletion are real and that their impact on human and animal life can be devastating. This is the right opportunity to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, by modifying or adjusting some of our behaviours.

But In Practical Terms, How Do We Do It?

Choosing a more sustainable lifestyle means reducing our demand for natural resources by ensuring that we replace what we use to the best of our ability. The three “R’s,” which include reduction, reuse and recycling, are essential to the process. We often have the idea in mind that zero waste is binding or difficult to set up… In reality, these are mostly new habits to take and everyone can start with small actions.

Simple measures such as using public transport more often or reducing energy consumption can go a long way to reducing our impact on the environment. 

Here is a proposal for some quick solutions to put in place, with a real impact on a large scale.

Some ideas: 

  • Avoid the use of disposable items, such as paper cups or plastic bottles (which don’t go away!)

The best alternative to start, perhaps the purchase of a reusable stainless steel bottle that will follow you everywhere. At home, replace your bottles with glass bottles that have already been served (fruit juice, etc.), and fill in the tap.

You can also use reusable bags when shopping and avoid products made or packaged in plastic as much as possible (for example, choose unpackaged products at the local grocery store (to help them right now) or reduce online shopping (the opportunity not to spend too much money and keep our reserves in our bank account until the shops reopen after this corona virus to help merchants).

A good way to live in a more sustainable way: by eating locally. To reduce the carbon footprint caused by transporting food over long distances. It is also a great way to stimulate the local economy. 

Study the possibilities of public transport in your city: buses, carpooling, etc. When travelling near you, try as much as possible to walk or ride the bike (and it’s good for cardio). Think of this solution for “after coronavirus.” Let’s continue to protect our planet, which has been reliving itself right now since humans were confined to their homes. 

Why not start making natural products, 100% homemade? Recipes abound to get started: shampoo, homemade deodorant or even… Toothpaste. By creating your own product, you can eliminate harmful ingredients and even save money.

Got any ideas on how we can have a sustainable and healthy way of life? Leave us a comment.

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